Pacers’ Myles Turner posterizes Bucks’ Antetokounmpo in dunk-of-year

Myles Turner, Indiana pacers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
Myles Turner, Indiana pacers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

The Pacers were able to extend Myles Turner this season for a few more years and he has taken off since. Myles, since the team traded Domas last year, has looked every bit the starting center of the future for the Pacers. He is finally in his natural position of the 5 spot, and has looked like a great two-day big in the modern NBA since.

One thing that has been especially great to see is that Myles has upped his offensive intensity significantly this season. He is driving more, being more aggressive around the rim, and apparantly also dunking on 2-time MVP level players. Here is Myles posterizing Giannis in last night’s win against the Milwaukee Bucks:

The Pacers reacted to the massive slam as well with this twitter post:

And NBA twitter was lit ablaze with what might have been the best dunk of the season and the best of Turner’s career by far:

And we got some still shot photos that showed just how much Myles Turner put Giannis on a poster.

That ladies and gentleman, is a dunk-of-the-year candidate in my books.

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How good has Myles been exactly this year?

Well, to put it bluntly, he’s playing the best he has in his entire career. He looks confident, he looks like he’s having fun, he looks like the best version of Myles Turner we have seen yet. I believe that Myles was on the verge of not being part of the Pacers future and has solidly played himself into becoming an integral piece of this team for years to come.

Myles and Haliburton look like a match made in heaven in the pick and roll, pick and pop game. Myles looks like the perfect inside-outside center for the modern NBA on a contending team. I think the Pacers found their long-term center, and it turns out, they didn’t have to sign one from Phoenix after all. He was sitting right under their noses the entire time.