Indiana Pacers: All-time fan favorite starting lineup

Lance Stephenson, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Lance Stephenson, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chris Copeland, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Cem Ozdel/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) /

Overappreciated with a short stay in Indiana: We still love Chris Copeland.

So Chris Copeland’s trade to Indiana absolutely was one of the biggest free agency mistakes in Pacers franchise history. The Pacers allowed one really great performance from Copeland against them in the postseason allow them to drastically overpay him the following season. But that doesn’t mean that Copeland wasn’t one of the fan favorites during his brief stint in Indiana.

He never averaged more than 6 points in his two seasons with the Pacers and he struggled to find minutes on the court. Yet? The fieldhouse would roar with applause anytime he got into the game. And even though he was only an above average 3 point shooter by today’s standards, the entire fanbase would erupt anytime he hit a 3 pointer from deep talking about how great of a shooter he was.

Why we loved him? Who knows. What did he do in his time with Indiana? Not much.

But he is absolutely the starting small forward on our all-time fan favorites team.