BREAKING: Pacers acquire George Hill and second round pick from Bucks

George Hill, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
George Hill, Milwaukee Bucks (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Pacers have made yet another move on the NBA trade deadline by acquiring a player they are quite familiar with. After having already made a move to bring in Jordan Nwora from the Bucks, it was unclear what exactly the Pacers needed to give up in order to make the move. The Pacers are bringing George Hill into cap space which was first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski:

While it may seem like a small move, it may indicate that the Pacers are about to waive another player or make another move in the coming hours. The Pacers don’t have roster spots available, hence why they had to waive Goga whenever they traded for Nwora. This means it may be likely that George Hill will eventually be waived so that another team could add him after the trade deadline.

George Hill has previously played for the Pacers during the Paul George era and saw moderate success during his time here. Since then, Hill has played for a handful of teams including the Jazz, Kings, Cavs, 76ers, Thunder, and Bucks since his time in Indiana, but his time as a Pacer was generally his best.

It is unclear at the moment if Hill will actually suit up for the Pacers at any point this season, or if taking on George Hill was the cost of getting Nwora from the Bucks so they could clear space for Jae Crowder.

This may indicate there is more to come

This move may indicate that there is more to come. Perhaps the Pacers are wanting to move seconds and players to open up roster spots for an additional player. At the moment it is unclear if this move is just a small piece to a much larger puzzle. In any case, we will keep you updated on all Pacers news.

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