Pacers Trade Rumors: Indiana emerging as a strong suitor for this big man

Indiana Pacers - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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How can the Pacers trade for Jarred Vanderbilt?

Utah’s asking price for Vanderbilt (including Mike Conley and Malik Beasley) has been reported to be a constant: a first-round pick. The Indiana Pacers have three of them this year, but moving one of them may be too reactive or premature given the possibility that they can go after a bigger name or better draft positioning with said assets.

If so, here’s a possible workaround that could subrogate for what the Jazz want.

Alternatively, if the bidding war rages on and the Pacers try to double down on their Vanderbilt pursuit, then an outright matching of Utah’s asking price is necessary. In that case, a trade proposal could look like this.

Regardless, should the Pacers do more than due diligence and actively try to trade for Jarred Vanderbilt?