We found the worst Mavericks and Pacers trade proposal on the internet

Christian Wood, Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Christian Wood, Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

There are plenty of terrible trade proposals out there. And the Indiana Pacers are showing up in many of them as other teams salivate over veteran players on our team that could help them win championships. Mainly Myles Turner and Buddy Hield, who have been in trade rumors all season long (and multiple seasons before this one).

And usually these proposals have some merit, but this one from the Dallas FanNation site might take the cake as the worst one of the internet. It makes sense that sites from a certain region will propose trades that have a slight slant towards the home team (we here at 8 points, 9 seconds have been known to do that once in awhile). However, this trade is truly terrible. Here is the proposal:

This trade has ZERO upside for the Pacers

The reasons Dallas would do this trade are immediately obvious. They would get an elite three point shooter and a defensive player of the year candidate. In return, the Pacers would get…..a shooting guard and a center that will be looking for a contract in the next year or so. So the Pacers would essentially downgrade at two positions.

And this might be well and fine if there was appropriate draft compensation, but there isn’t. No picks are added into the proposed deal. So the Pacers would trade away all their veteran players for…slightly worse veteran players and no draft compensation.

So how might this trade end up more even in the long run? Perhaps if we adjusted it to something like the following:

Dallas would be smart to do such a trade, Luka needs help and Myles/Buddy would likely be the kind of help he is looking for. Shooting that can space the floor and open up the court for Luka to do his magic.

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Unfortunately, player such as this if the Pacers are going to send them, cost draft capital. Perhaps one of these picks has protections and one doesn’t, but the Pacers aren’t going to let these players go for less than draft captial returning. The Pacers would also have to know that Wood was going to sign with the team moving forward. However, even in this haul, I’m not sure the Pacers pull the trigger. They could likely get two first round picks in return for the two players and this trade might be selling them short.

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