Ridiculous or revolutionary? This week in Pacers’ fashion

Tyrese Haliburton, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Tyrese Haliburton, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Some people have asked for a break from the day-to-day game, analysis, and trade articles, who says we don’t deliver?  Starting a new look into the Pacers (fashion).  Now, I’m definitely not a fashion expert, but I’ve been dressing myself for years and feel I have a good grasp on at least matching.

My wife and I enjoy seeing the looks the Pacers players put together and discussing what we like.  Ridiculous or revolutionary?  Whenever they land in a new city while on the road, the @Pacers Twitter page gives us an inside look.  We discuss some of our favorites from this week below:

1. Myles Turner

This is mostly our first pick because, well, happy wife happy life.  Myles Turner’s sweatshirt is giving us all the Indiana vibes.  Indiana is a flyover state where it isn’t always appreciated, a sentiment the Pacers unfortunately receive as a small market team in the NBA.  I feel like this sweatshirt is just a really good representation of Indiana.

Anyone wondering where this look came from?  Us too.  We did the legwork for you, looks like this could be it: https://kith.com/products/khm030880-320.  The price tag on this is a little spendy, the closest my wife and I will ever get to Myles Turner fashion will likely be sitting down to do a Thomas Kinkade puzzle together.

2. Buddy Hield

This jacket is like literal fire.  Of course it is going to be towards the top of the list.  Here’s to hoping Buddy’s choice of fashion translates to the game and puts up some serious numbers tonight.  Dress for success! We predict Buddy will continue to be part of the starting against moving forward.

3. Tyrese Haliburton

Ok, so this discussion just devolved quickly into thinking maybe his injury is more severe and he is camouflaging a brace under this outfit.  We liked this outfit, nothing wrong with this inherently, but this is unfortunately where the discussion of this outfit landed sinking it to our least favorite.  The latest updates we’ve heard are for reevaluation at the beginning of February.  It was good to hear from Haliburton himself last night during halftime.  He sounds hopeful and in good spirits for a return to the court soon.

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