Reporter says Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers deal could be still in works

Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Indiana Pacers have been connected to the Los Angeles Lakers repeatedly over the last few months, mostly in regard to a few of their veteran contracts in Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. However, since the two have been playing so well and the Pacers as a team have done so well, most of the rumors have begun to subside as new reports have the Pacers as buyers rather than sellers at the trade deadline.

However, one reporter for Bleacher Report still believes that a move between the two teams is both possible and would be beneficial for both teams. Given that the Pacers are doing well and the Lakers aren’t, many think this type of trade would no longer be desirable for either side. The trade is the same one that we have consistently seen over the last few months:

The reasoning for the belief that a deal is still possible is largely due to recent reports that the Pacers may still need to move on from Turner, especially if management believe that an extension becomes increasingly unlikely.

However, there are a few things that complicate whether a deal can get done. For example, the Lakers are currently dealing with uncertainty in the face of the Anthony Davis injury. They may be unwilling to move forward with a move if they think that Davis is not returning. However, recent comments from LeBron seem to indicate that he may be putting pressure on the organization to move forward.

Additionally, better understanding of Tyrese Haliburton’s injury will be needed from the Pacers side to understand what direction the team should take. If Tyrese is scheduled to be out for a longer time than expected than we would expect the Pacers to be more likely to move off of the Turner contract with an eye towards the future.

I think even if the Pacers are doing well, they would be wise to consider this trade. Two unprotected picks, for a franchise that will be doing terribly in a few years, are assets that are truly hard to come by in the NBA for a team like the Pacers.

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