NBA insider reports that Myles Turner has “rebuffed” Pacers extension offer

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Myles Turner situation has been complicated for a long time now. The Indiana Pacers’ big man is constantly in trade rumors. And for good reason, he is a valuable asset to most teams across the NBA.

This season marks the final year of Myles Turner’s contract with the Indiana Pacers, and so the team and Myles had entered contract extension negotiations. It was reported by NBA insider and correspondent Marc Stein that Turner has “rebuffed” the offer that the Pacers extended him.

While this doesn’t mean that continued negotiations will break down, it does seem that there is an increased likelihood that a deal may not get done. This puts the Pacers in an interesting position of figuring out what to do with the big man prior to next month’s trade deadline.

One would assume that negotiations will continue, but the Pacers may need to have a backup plan in case contract extensions ultimately fall apart (we talk about that here). The Pacers absolutely cannot let the big man walk for nothing.

The big man is having a career year, but may command a bigger contract than the Pacers are willing to give him. Because of this news, there will inevitably be teams from across the league reaching out to see what it would take to get the Pacers big man.

Certain teams like the Los Angeles Lakers as well as many others have inquired about Turner in recent months, and the Pacers may need to start picking up the phone more intently.

Tensions have been high since the Ayton saga this last summer.

Because of this, one wonders if the relationship is beyond repair. Many Pacers fans are hoping that the relationship is repaired and that this is a small hiccup in the extension talks. However, because the Pacers have been flirting with trade calls and Turner for years, it is probably more likely that Turner has the desire to try out free agency in it’s entirety.

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