Pacers Rumors: Two teams eyeing Myles Turner trade amid extension talks

Myles Turner - Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Myles Turner - Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /
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Indiana Pacers
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Can the Lakers finally pry Myles Turner away from the Pacers?

So far, most, if not all, trade hypotheticals to the end that Myles Turner lands in Los Angeles have involved bigger packages, the most prevalent of which is a three-player trade that includes Buddy Hield and Russell Westbrook with two unprotected first-rounders as centerpieces slash pot sweeteners.

The problem is both the Indiana Pacers and the Lakers seem very unlikely to remain amenable to such a package—Hield has been a tremendously valuable on-court asset for Indiana and Westbrook’s on-court value, while still paling in comparison relative to his albatross (expiring) contract, has been reanimated after a permanent move to the bench as their catalyst.

The Lakers ownership has also shown every inch of desire to hold onto their first-round picks, which is more than enough impetus for them to close a trade hunt for Turner. Furthermore, LA literally does not have any other avenue for a proprietary Turner trade sans a more extensive package to match salaries.

With all of those taken into consideration, a pathway for a Pacers-Lakers trade involving Turner seems nearly close for good unless both teams suddenly go for an abrupt tonal shift.