3 ways the Atlanta Hawks trade rumors could impact the Indiana Pacers

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /
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As a small market team, the Indiana Pacers always need to be looking for opportunities to better themselves, even in places where it may look like an odd fit at first. On Thursday, it was reported that Trae Young may in the near future be looking for a trade if the Hawks don’t make significant progress in the postseason this year.

Two years ago the Hawks found themselves in the position of having advanced in the playoffs far too early and ahead of schedule, only to find themselves in somewhat of a regression the following year.

This year, after adding Dejounte Murray to the mix, the Hawks have looked okay, but certainly not the part of superpower in the east. It appears that this may not be sitting well with franchise player Trae Young.

The Indiana Pacers find them in the unique position of having a good core, a lot of cap space, and a ton of draft capital. So the question is, can they do anything of value with this newly released information? And if they can, what are the different directions they could go?

We look into 3 different distinct directions the Indiana Pacers could go with this new information.