Indiana Pacers: Grading two non-Lakers Myles Turner trades from B/R

Myles Turner - Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Myles Turner - Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /
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A veteran big man and a young rookie could pique the Indiana Pacers’ interest as returns for Myles Turner

No offense to the Indiana Pacers organization and Myles Turner himself, but if there’s any player in the entire association who plays more similar to the actual concept of Myles Turner, it’s Brook Lopez.

If anything, the Milwaukee Bucks do not need anything in their front court. Between Lopez and Bobby Portis, they pretty much have the necessary versatility and utility to augment Giannis Antetokounmpo’s game. Still, it’s not rocket science to see why Turner donning Bucks colors make a ton of sense.

Lopez has been spectacular defensively to begin the campaign, and while his offense has been pretty solid as well, the Bucks may conclude that his waning durability may prove to be something that becomes too dangerous to bank on for the near future as a title contender. Turner is not particularly iron man, but his age gives him an edge in the recuperation department, if it comes to that point.

Landing Lopez is a slam dunk for any win-now team, but the Indiana Pacers are not that just yet. However, MarJon Beauchamp is an intriguing piece who was just drafted in the first-round of the 2022 NBA Draft. Grading this piece is a matter of perspective, but for the Pacers, it may not even be on the table given how well Milwaukee is playing.

Grade: B (the Bucks won’t do it though)

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