3 Pacers who won’t last the entire 2022-23 season with the team

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3 players unlikely to finish the 2022-23 season with the Indiana Pacers

3. Buddy Hield

You may be quite surprised at the snapped big man streak on this list, especially given the timeless Myles Turner trade rumors, but dissecting the situation deeper, Buddy Hield seems the likelier one to not finish the season with the Indiana Pacers.

Any team prospectively acquiring Hield will not be getting just a one-season rental, unlike Turner. Whereas the latter can simply walk away in free agency, the former is still locked up until the end of the following season.

If the Pacers front office want to maximize whatever they can get for their veteran commodities, they can do so by using the full extent of their transactional armory to accumulate offers for Hield. Not only is he on a reasonable contract, but he is an easy fix to any team’s three-point shooting woes. No one in the entire association has drained more bombs from rainbow country than Hield in the last five seasons.

Any offer for Hield should begin with a first-round pick. Given his skillset, that should be non-negotiable. Fortunately, the myriad of win-now teams in the league could mean that more teams could line up for his services.

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