Indiana Pacers: Reports indicate an aggressive Front Office ahead of draft

The Indiana Pacers are in no position to be comfortable in where they are as an organization as the 2022 NBA draft approaches. Pacers’ President Kevin Pritchard made it known after they were awarded the sixth overall pick that they were going to explore every possibility to get the guy(s) they want.

New reports indicate that the Indiana Pacers are indeed going to be aggressive with their assets.

Names such as Malcolm Brogdon and Myles Turner return to the trade rumors mix and I don’t think it is farfetched to suggest the Pacers want to move on from one or both. With Isaiah Jackson in the mix and Tyrese Haliburton set to be the face of the franchise, the Pacers should try everything to get this team right.

Not to say that Turner or Brogdon would be bad on this team because I don’t think that is true, but it is about fit within the roster. I think trying Turner out makes sense this season but the Pacers will have to dance with a contract extension that nears Turner’s future.

Brogdon’s injury history is not particularly great and health is a big concern for this franchise as it seems to be without a player each year due to injury. Seeing the Turner experience as the solo five excites me but are there better options for the team’s future around this young core?

My personal belief is that the Indiana Pacers are willing to move anyone and do anything to build a new-look roster to fit with emerging star point guard Tyrese Haliburton.  Being able to add picks in this draft makes sense if there is a specific guy that the team likes and Myles Turner is a tradable piece.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report shared what he has heard around the league from sources as it pertains to the Indiana Pacers.

Turner’s impending free agency in 2023 seems to be clear grounds for the Pacers to re-engage his trade market this offseason if there’s little momentum for a contract extension with Indiana. The Charlotte Hornets have long been considered a potential landing spot for Turner, and the Hornets have communicated around the league a willingness to move the No. 15 pick, sources said.

Adding another lottery pick to the mix without moving away from their current sixth pick in the draft is something I am a fan of. While moving off of Turner would be poorly timed, as not seeing him play the solo five after trading Sabonis would be unfortunate, I think he fills a need for several teams.

Before the Cleveland Cavaliers decided not to make the playoffs, the Pacers were set for an additional first-round pick which was in the return of the Caris LeVert trade. What would have been a near lottery pick now is unusable until next season if the Cavs make the playoffs that year.

So, the Indiana Pacers can wait it out and keep their fingers crossed in a difficult eastern conference, or they can trade that now and get a piece and jumpstart a “retool”. Other than the players they can move to acquire picks or assets, they have a few other picks that could be put to use in a move up/down scenario.

The Pacers also have designs on acquiring an additional first-round pick besides their No. 6 selection, sources said. Indiana is exploring options to trade the No. 31 pick, plus the Cavaliers’ 2023 first-round pick, which was part of the Pacers’ return for Caris LeVert.

Indiana should try to use all of these assets to move up this year and if they can’t find a trade partner up, I really like the idea of them keeping pick No. 6 and adding another lottery pick.

If they can land 6 and 10 from Washington or one of the two from Charlotte, I think that is a better outcome for the team’s future than using those assets for one big-name target in the draft. It is not the flashy option, but flashy isn’t Indiana, and acquiring another pick could really change how they approach the draft room on June 23rd.