These former Indiana Pacers are out of this year’s title contention

The Indiana Pacers have made a slew of roster moves over the past few seasons. They’ve traded multiple All-Stars and many other young guys and rotational players too.

The Indiana Pacers were supporting two former members of their team Sunday night as the Phoenix Suns lost in Game 7.

Torrey Craig and Aaron Holiday both saw action in the blowout loss to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night. Craig saw four minutes of game action and the young Holiday saw five.

Craig averaged 2.2 points a game throughout the playoffs while playing just over seven minutes a game. He also averaged nearly two rebounds in the nine playoff appearances he had.

As for Holiday, he didn’t see any real minutes in his six playoff games. He averaged 3.5 points a game along with 1.5 assists. He got just 3.3 minutes a game.

Craig played 11 minutes in the Suns’ first playoff game against the Pelicans, then his minutes dropped. He wouldn’t see double-digit minutes again until game six against the Mavericks

In the other conference, the Milwaukee Bucks lost their game seven, and with that goes both Wesley Matthews and George Hill from getting back-to-back championships. 

Matthews averaged 28 minutes a game in a much larger role but only averaged six points in those minutes. His 3.1 rebounds and 1.2 assists would not get the Bucks past the Boston Celtics.

George Hill missed seven games for the Bucks and would only make five appearances in the postseason. He scored 1 point a game and 1.2 rebounds in a 15-minute average.

The Bucks lost in part to their poor shooting from their guards and Matthews was a part of that. He was 1/5 from the field and missed each of his three three-point attempts.

Are there any former players remaining?

Only one former Pacers player remains in the playoffs and he plays for the Miami Heat. Yep, it is Victor Oladipo. Victor made his postseason debut against the Atlanta Hawks in game three and scored just six points.

He has played in every game since and averages 11 points a game and 2.4 assists. Oladipo is shooting 27% from behind the arc on 4.1 attempts.

I have to also mention the beloved Bojan Bogdanovic who lost in the first round with the Utah Jazz. Bojan averaged 18 points a game with the Jazz in their six playoff games.