2022 NBA Draft Mock roundup for the Pacers before the lottery

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The Indiana Pacers will soon learn their fate in the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery

With the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery slated in less than a week, the Indiana Pacers will soon know where they will end up picking in the upcoming draft. For the first time since 1989, the franchise is guaranteed to end up with a single-digit selection.

The best-case scenario is that the Pacers end up nabbing the foremost selection in the draft for the first time in franchise history. Conversely, the worst result for Indiana is they move down some notches and wind up picking ninth.

Nevertheless, the Pacers should easily be able to find an immediate contributor who can make a big impact to the team’s winning cause next season. Now, we zoom in on each prospect mocked to Indiana from various outlets.

AJ Griffin, Indiana Pacers
AJ Griffin – Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

1. AJ Griffin, Duke

Outlet: SB Nation (5th overall)

Duke standout AJ Griffin boasts high upside as a perimeter threat and an all-around, versatile defender. With the Pacers needing a massive boost to their undersized wing rotation, Griffin’s physical tools could be the kickstart to this cause.

However, if Indiana does end up with the fifth overall pick when all is said and done in the lottery, Griffin should not be the first player whom they would want to focus on. His strengths fill some urgent roster holes, but with a rare top-five pick, the Pacers may want to pick someone with higher upside, notwithstanding fit.