2022 NBA Free Agency: Examining Kyle Anderson’s possible fit with the Pacers

Kyle Anderson - Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Anderson - Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /

As interjected many times here before, the Indiana Pacers have to maximize their spending power in free agency and exhaust all of their options to improve the roster. Even if they miss out on the biggest names in free agency, they can still seize the opportunity by filling their urgent roster needs to compete better in the following campaign.

One roster hole that is rather glaring for the Pacers is their frontcourt. Indiana arguably have a very solid backcourt base led by Tyrese Haliburton and Chris Duarte, as well as veteran cogs Malcolm Brogdon and Buddy Hield, but the same cannot be said in the “big” positions. Currently, the team only have three surefire rotation guys to fill the frontcourt in Myles Turner, Isaiah Jackson, and Oshae Brissett.

The Indiana Pacers must consider pursuing Kyle Anderson in free agency

For the reason stated above, the Indiana Pacers must consider taking a hard look into signing Kyle Anderson in free agency.

Known around the league as “Slo-Mo”, Anderson’s moniker may throw you off especially with the Pacers’ renewed zest in their play style, but the heady forward is perhaps one of the better utility players in the league.

His stints in San Antonio and Memphis prove one thing: he is a shifty player who excels in team concepts. Pegging him as a one-on-one force is misguided, but he can thrive in different situations, roles, and styles because of his adaptive skillset.

Offensively, Anderson amplifies most aspects on the floor. He offers little value as a perimeter threat, but he manages to mask his weakness in that department by surgically exploiting mismatches, serving as a secondary playmaking valve, posting up and attacking closeouts using his savvy skills and understanding of angles. Better yet, he doesn’t need the ball in his hands a lot to make an impact. His very presence makes any unit smarter and more cerebral.

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Defensively, the 6’8 forward offers a lot of versatility, size, length, and IQ. His plodding style may not exude a great first impression, but he is almost never out of position as a defender. Against forwards and big men, he uses his body and smarts to anticipate ensuing moves. Against guards and wings, he uses his length to disrupt movement and cope with his lack of foot speed. Anderson would be an excellent piece to mitigate the Pacers’ meager defense. In addition, Anderson is an above average rebounder for his position.

If the Pacers manage to secure him, Kyle Anderson will immediately be their most versatile player, arming them with a Swiss Army knife who can add a lot of maturity, IQ, and experience on a relatively young roster.

To end, the Indiana Pacers should strongly consider bringing the seasoned forward in. There’s little to no harm in pursuing him in free agency, and he would be a very solid fallback option for the team if they ever lose out on a top draft pick.

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