Indiana Pacers: 3 options to replace TJ Warren in free agency

Indiana Pacers, TJ Warren Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers, TJ Warren Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Despite the ceaseless—and perpetually paused—hopes of TJ Warren getting back into action for the bottom-dwelling Indiana Pacers after missing basically two seasons, there is still some appropriate curiosity as to why the franchise remains invested in having him on the roster.

However, with free agency starting to loom for the retooling Pacers, Warren’s situation should make for one of the most interesting storylines to watch for the team in the offseason, where Indiana is expected to finally make some waves factoring in their draft strategy and suddenly ample cap space.

The Indiana Pacers will face some tough questions about the future of TJ Warren? What are their options to replace him in an imminent breakup?

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While the 2022 class of free agents is relatively stale once again, the Pacers are one of the very few teams (Magic, Pistons, Spurs, Trail Blazers) with considerable wiggle room to sign free agents outright.

That means that Indiana, despite not being a lustrous destination for free agents historically, could be in line to attract some key cogs by virtue of money. Alas, their main competition on the market, the four other teams listed, are not free agent hotspots either. If the Pacers decide to spend and zero in on someone, they should be able to get their guy.

With that on fold, here are three options that the Indiana Pacers should consider to replace TJ Warren.