4 things Pacers fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Indiana Pacers, Chris Duarte - Credit: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers, Chris Duarte - Credit: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports /
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Indiana Pacers, Myles Turner
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What Pacers fans should be thankful for: Those sleek City Edition Uniforms

The Flo-Jo’s will always be good.

After attempting to stick with the Circle City’s pace cars and racing industry in recent years, albeit on varying degrees of success and aesthetic value (those gray ones are far from good), the Pacers rocked some throwback fits starting with last season’s City Edition uniforms which saw the franchise hark back to the iconic pinstripes. This year, however, Indiana takes the homage up a notch, mixing two elements from their most glorious years.

The Blue and Gold has one of the best colorways in the NBA when done right, and this is arguably one of the ways to kill it. These refreshed Flo-Jo’s, inspired from the late 80s designs, include a tribute to the Pacers’ ABA championships and icon Slick Leonard, who passed away recently. The subtle “Boom Baby” was a nice touch, too.

With the NBA celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Indiana Pacers City Edition jerseys truly live up to the franchise’s history while keeping it sleek and modern, unlike some teams out there which decided to trot out a Russian roulette garment.