Indiana Pacers: 4 free agents to monitor early in the season

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Indiana Pacers. Joe Ingles
Indiana Pacers. Joe Ingles -Credit: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports /

The Indiana Pacers could consider pursuing Joe Ingles to fill TJ Warren’s void

Joe Ingles has been so significant to the Utah Jazz’s rise in recent years that him leaving the franchise he’s only ever known seems like a comical idea. However, if the Jazz once again falter in the postseason, they could easily consider restructuring their aesthetically pleasing, yet physically lacking rotation.

If so, the Indiana Pacers should consider targeting Ingles in free agency. While he’s already 34 years old, he is rarely injured, a glaring weakness of the franchise in recent years. Better yet, his play is not dictated by athleticism, but with tremendous basketball IQ and on-court awareness on both ends of the floor.

While he’s struggled to hit from three-point land to begin the year, Ingles is a career 41 percent three-point shooter. Better yet, he’s a very effective secondary playmaker, averaging almost five assists per game in the past four seasons. His defense is not like what it was a couple of years ago, but he is heady on that department, capable of compensating for his lack of physical tools with sheer awareness and making smart reads.

All in all, Ingles could be a low-usage, high-efficiency player who can be the glue guy for the Indiana Pacers if TJ Warren ends up donning another jersey.