Indiana Pacers: The good, bad and ugly from the 2021 NBA Preseason

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With the 2021 NBA preseason now out of the way, the Indiana Pacers should be ready to go heading into the regular season. While the team finished the preliminaries with a middling 2-2 win-loss card, the Blue and Gold are now on the finishing stages of gearing up, hopefully setting the stage for a comeback campaign in the upcoming season.

As the team goes through a pivotal adjustment once again, this time incorporating the team’s newcomers and learning under a new coach in Rick Carlisle, the process will be filled with inevitable ups-and-downs. Their preseason campaign should be a positive step towards feeding off each other’s growth and waging a more competitive bid in the regular season.

The 2021 preseason has been rocky for the Pacers, largely a result of the team succumbing to early injuries, which subsequently caused lineup instability right from the get-go. As Indy failed to employ their full set of weapons to aptly mix and match effective lineups, they couldn’t maximize the experimental course of preseason action, though team chemistry seems a lot stronger this time around.

Thus, with all things considered, here are the good, bad and ugly for the Indiana Pacers in the 2021 NBA preseason.

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