Indiana Pacers: 3 trades with the Warriors for Myles Turner, ranked from best to worst

Myles Turner - Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Myles Turner - Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /
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Indiana Pacers, Kelly Oubre, Myles Turner
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The Indiana Pacers will have alternatives, but the grass won’t be greener

If you didn’t like the previous trade idea, odds are you’re not gonna like the alternative routes either. After all, Wiggins is the best that the Warriors can send in a trade for Myles Turner, both on a financial and on-court perspective.

The other asset that Golden State can send out, aside from their core, of course, is an uncertain one. Kelly Oubre Jr. is entering free agency, but the Dubs can retain him despite being well over the cap since they have his Bird rights. Thus, a sign-and-trade is not out of the woods, but the hypothetical trade involving the talented wing may not be attractive for the Pacers compared to the previous one.

In a quick glance, this isn’t the worst move to make. It’s actually a reasonable deal, but compared to the previous one with Andrew Wiggins, this does feel like a streamlined offer from the Warriors. At this juncture, it’s unlikely that Oubre Jr. adds a dimension to the game that Wiggins can’t, with the latter easily besting him in areas he excel at, which is on defense and spot-up shooting.

What’s enticing here is the 14th pick, which means that Indiana can get back-to-back selections in the first round as they also own the 13th selection. As mentioned, Paschall is one of the league’s better backup bigs, while Oubre himself is a very switchable and versatile player in his own right.

The thing holding this deal back, aside from the fact that it is worse than the previous one, is the burden that this gives on the Warriors. After all, they can simply let go of Oubre and trade a guaranteed contract to free themselves of what can very well be an expensive contract for the swingman and have more wiggle room to improve the bench.