Indiana Pacers: The case for and against reuniting with Rick Carlisle

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Rick Carlisle - Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /
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Why the Indiana Pacers should stay clear from Rick Carlisle

Team Culture, or lack thereof

Long tenured coaches are expected to be culture builders. Gregg Popovich in San Antonio has instilled a team-oriented, winning culture that bannered a dynasty. Even Erik Spoelstra in Miami imbued a blue-collared approach to winning even with the franchise being home to many stars. To be frank, Rick Carlisle in Dallas was known more for his on-court brilliance.

For every Rajon Rondo feud and for every passive-aggressive clash with Luka Doncic, someone’s got to be the one lighting up the fire, right? This isn’t so much about saying that Carlisle is a bad coach, which he’s obviously not, but it’s becoming crystal clear that he isn’t a guy who can fix the problems of a franchise aside from the ones that he can brew in the huddles.

Aside from that, his utter avoidance of young players and the overt favor he gives to veterans, with the exception of his recent squads which were not bannered by seasoned players, is not compatible to a franchise aiming to win now and build for the future in concurrence. The Indiana Pacers are just that.

They’re not in the same fiber at all, but Bjorkgren was fired because of his big struggles in piecing the team together in the locker room. Carlisle is already experienced, but the Indiana Pacers may be keen on pursuing a coach who has a more amicable reputation with players off the court.