NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Full first-round predictions a week before the lottery

Evan Mobley - Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Evan Mobley - Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports /
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In our second edition of the NBA Mock Draft, we predict how the first-round will turn out for all teams one week before the lottery commences on June 23. Touted as one of the deepest draft classes in recent history, the upcoming pool of young players will certainly invite an across the board improvement of the already-crowded field of talents in the league.

While the playoffs are underway, the summer is already giving fans some much-needed excitement for the prospects that may come to their team via draft, free agency and the ever-active trade market. Combine that with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, everyone will be on their toes this offseason.

NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Timberwolves get lucky, Pacers opt for certainty

After a downward spiral in the recently-concluded season, the Indiana Pacers will be able to brew a young talent in the draft as they own their first-round pick this year, unlike the previous season. However, the Blue and Gold is only projected to pick 13th, only bannering a paltry 4.8 percent of cracking the top four.

With the Tankathon lever, we simulated how the first-round of the NBA Draft will fare for all 30 teams. As usual, the six teams with the best odds at the top prize netted the first six selections, although the result catapulted a team on the verge of lucking out into a winning situation. Before the ink runs dry, here are the full first-round predictions for the upcoming draft.