Indiana Pacers: Way-too-early predictions for the offseason

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As the Indiana Pacers head to the offseason after a peculiar season, fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the way things are currently shaping up for the team, especially in the ever-improving Eastern Conference.

While the Blue and Gold can easily find itself right in the thick of things with better health and a new head coach, the team can also easily have a repeat of last season and fall behind in the tougher race out East. Ultimately, one thing’s for sure: Indiana will not make any opponent shiver in the postseason as currently constructed, assuming they even get there next year.

The Indiana Pacers are headed to an eventful offseason

Changes and all, history and precedents for the Pacers don’t guarantee a tremendous shake-up in the summer. While they have already fired Nate Bjorkgren, what seems to be an eventful summer may stop at that same point with the penchant of the franchise on staying patient for the stars to align, for better or for worse.

Thus, before the offseason completely rubs in, here are some way-too-early and bold predictions for what the summer holds for the ailing Indiana Pacers. Will the tempting notion of continuity put a cap on their activity or are they out with the old and in with the new an ready to shake things up?

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