Indiana Pacers: 3 players most unlikely to return next season

Indiana Pacers, JaKarr Sampson - Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers, JaKarr Sampson - Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /
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It’s been a peculiar time for Indiana Pacers fans lately, just sitting on their couch and watching games in their devices without the Blue and Gold in their traditional playoff spot, pumping out ways to somehow lose in the first-round, be it in tightly contested seven games, or a respectable sweep.

Such a pessimistic thought, right? But the recently concluded season was even worse than that, with the Pacers failing to crack the playoffs that have already become a mid-year tradition in all of Indianapolis. With the team now fast-tracked towards the offseason, fans can’t help but wonder about what the next few months hold for the franchise in what seems to be an eventful summer.

While the NBA Draft, free agency and trade market get the lion’s share of attention in the offseason, decisions regarding the team’s own crop of impending free agents is just as important. Continuity by retention is usually the ideal way to deal with it, but for a team in a state of flux like the Indiana Pacers, it is equally…vanilla.

With this in sight, who are the players who are most unlikely to return and don an Indiana Pacers uniform next season? Here are three of them.