Indiana Pacers: Must-sign free agent targets from every West playoff team

Justise Winslow - Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Justise Winslow - Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports /
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You certainly don’t need a refresher, but the Indiana Pacers are still, well, the Indiana Pacers — an uber-competitive yet similarly conservative franchise that is neither on the fringes of contending nor rebuilding.

Stuck in the least enviable middle ground, the Blue and Gold enters an offseason in a relatively precarious situation because while changes are definitely slotting themselves as an abrupt necessity for the team, the Pacers don’t necessarily burst into a summer with prospects that can generate instant improvement.

While trades are more commonly the vehicle to bring in lucrative pieces, Indiana is not a premiere destination. And again, with the team already over the cap, a viable route to build the team up that is easily within their control is through foraying into the pool of under-the-radar players in the free agent market.

We’ve already covered some intriguing prospects that the Indiana Pacers can poach in the summer from teams in the Eastern Conference playoffs. And in this piece, we shift over to the other conference and take a look at other realistic and affordable free agents to monitor from each West playoff team.