Indiana Pacers: What to expect from Oshae Brissett next season

Indiana Pacers, Oshae Brissett - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers, Oshae Brissett - Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Indiana Pacers, Oshae Brissett
Oshae Brissett – Credit: Carmen Mandato/POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports /

After an incredible debut season with the Indiana Pacers, what should we expect from Oshae Brissett in 2021-22?

Everyone reading this should know that Oshae Brissett is one of my favorite Indiana Pacers at the moment. His journey to the Pacers last season was one that is typically written about or found in movies but we got to experience first hand.

His 2020-21 season with Indiana might have been limited but it was nothing short of remarkable. The Pacers found a potential building block of the future in Brissett, a player that can start or come off the bench and add a positive impact on both ends.

It is reasonable to expect that trend to continue next season as the Pacers still have questions regarding the roster. Doug McDermott may not return as he heads to free agency, leaving the Pacers with a glaring hole still on the perimeter.

Injuries seem as if they will never leave Indiana, so having depth across the rotation will be extremely valuable moving into the future. Brissett, who can fill in at a few spots when needed, is a nice piece to have when building around a roster with so many injury risks.

While Brissett’s arrival does open the door for a potential trade of T.J. Warren, Domantas Sabonis, or Myles Turner, that does not mean he is better than any of those other guys. Pairing him with Sabonis could give the Pacers a nice duo with some defensive flexibility and a better offense.

Turner and Brissett, which we have not really seen together yet, could be a deadly defensive tandem with a lot of athleticism on that end and some spacing on offense. With Warren on the roster, Brissett would likely fill in as a very steady bench option that could be the face of the second unit.

So, what should we expect from Oshae Brissett next season?