Indiana Pacers: 5-step plan for a perfect offseason

Indiana Pacers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
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Nate Bjorkgren, Indiana Pacers
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Step 3: The Indiana Pacers must address questions on the coaching staff

Off-court issues have been non-existent for the Indiana Pacers recently, but the abrupt reports of a locker room tension between players and head coach Nate Bjorkgren interjected an array of disappointments that cultivated in the team losing the playoffs. Treading through uncharted waters, the coaching staff absolutely needs some clarity in the offseason.

It’s not Bjorkgren’s fault alone that the Pacers underachieved, but he has his own questionable on-court decisions to ponder on. Despite still having a guaranteed year left in his contract, it’s no secret that he is the coach whom many won’t be surprised to see get fired this summer. Indiana’s possible head coaching vacancy will not be short of suitors and with the East’s improvement, the Blue and Gold’s brass may act more boldly with regards to who will man the sidelines.

Despite being on the hot seat, multiple players recently leaped to the defense of the rookie coach, opening the windown for a possible return. If so, the front office shouldn’t be satisfied, especially with the lack of acuity the team has with their relatively weak panel of assistant coaches as the loss of Dan Burke and Bill Bayno evidently affected the team.

If Bjorkgren indeed remains as the Pacers head coach, the higher-ups should arm him with assistants who have more pedigree. The value of assistant coaches in the league is undervalued by most, but they are pivotal not only in on-court strategizing, but also with player development and ensuring a seamless line of communication between players and coaches. Either way, what Indy needs is utmost clarity and improvement in the coaching staff.