Indiana Pacers: 4 teams Indy fans should root for in the NBA Playoffs

Indiana Pacers - Credit: Ashley Landis/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Indiana Pacers - Credit: Ashley Landis/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Utah Jazz, Indiana Pacers
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Team that Indiana Pacers fans should root for: Utah Jazz

Naturally, beloved ex-Pacer Bojan Bogdanovic is more than sufficient reason to pick the Utah Jazz as Indy fans’ favorite to come out of the stacked West. After all, the Croatian sniper had loads of special moments donning the Blue and Gold for two seasons. There’s the Bogey game in the 2018 playoffs and the memorable 2018-19 season where he led Indiana’s rally after Victor Oladipo went down.

However, beyond the Croatian, the Jazz are so easy to like. Utah was the undisputed best team in the regular reason, finishing with a spectacular 52-20 record to lead the league. They’re certainly not underdogs as the top seed, but their selfless and smart brand of basketball is a sight for basketball purists. And who wouldn’t want a small market team to break the league?

Luckily, there is a precedent for squads that rely on teamwork to win it all. They may not be quite as good as that historic 2014 Spurs team, but they are darn better than the 2015 Hawks who peaked at the wrong time. Ultimately, with their symphonic play on offense and sturdy defense, Pacers fans should hope that the Jazz end the season on a winning note.