3 secret weapons for the Indiana Pacers to vault them back to the playoffs

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Indiana Pacers - Credit: Carmen Mandato/POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports /
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Aaron Holiday, Indiana Pacers
Aaron Holiday, Indiana Pacers – Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

Aaron Holiday’s sneaky scoring may peak at the best time for the Indiana Pacers

I’m not even going to hide it, but third-year Aaron Holiday has been flat-out the most inconsistent player in the team this campaign. After a pleasant sophomore season last year where he had proven himself as a viable fallback when the team has injuries in the backcourt, his play has vacillated between stretches so much that he was unplayable at times.

At times. Luckily, the youngest Holiday has similarly shown on occasions why he must have a bigger role with the team. While sparse, we have seen Aaron Holiday just come off the bench and fire flamethrowers with reckless abandon — but to the Indiana Pacers’ benefit. There’s some context to explain this though, as in his almost seven minutes per game drop-off from last season.

Aaron Holiday has value. And despite that value lingering on marginal this season, it may still spawn a bunch of goodies for the Pacers, especially in stretches where the team just couldn’t buy a bucket. His occasional and almost imperative scoring outbursts once in every 10 games or so may come at the best opportunity, and hopefully soon as the team approaches the play-in round.