Indiana Pacers Prospects: Moses Moody, a defensive bulldog

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /
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If Moses Moody can develop his finishing, he could be a real scorer in the NBA.(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
If Moses Moody can develop his finishing, he could be a real scorer in the NBA.(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

We know about his elite defense and solid shooting, but what weaknesses could scare the Indiana Pacers away from Moses Moody?

Isolation Scoring: Just not a diverse enough scorer to be a go-to option.

In the draft prospect analysis world, you may hear people say that a prospect needs to “find more tools for their bag”, and Moses Moody could be the poster child for this problem this year.

Yes, he does project as a great shooter and off-ball cutter, but the rest of his game needs some more developmental growth before you can confidently run sets in the offense for him.

His dribble isn’t good enough to change directions in his drives, and he may never be a player that “breaks down” his opponent with a shifty or definitive handle. His pull-up jumper is a real question mark, and he doesn’t project as a tough shot maker.

Driving and finishing: Infuriating to watch with his upside.

Moses Moody should be such an awesome finisher, but he falls into the same trap many young wings fall into, which is lack of aggression. With just how physical and downright mean Moody is on defense, you’d think some of that would transfer over to his rim attacking.

It just doesn’t, and at times he seems genuinely wary of physicality. With his solid first step and length, he should be able to draw fouls at will, but this fear of contact really slows this part of his game down.

Body Strength: should develop fast, but hinders overall potential now.

Although the scale lights up with 206 pounds when Moody stands on it, he doesn’t yet play like he carries that weight on the floor yet. Part of his shortcomings driving the rock or gaining positioning in isolation is a byproduct of not having enough strength in his upper body.

This is the one thing that holds him back defensively, as there are still plays where he can be absolutely erased on screens and steamrolled by big-bodied bigs on the low block.

I think once he gets to the NBA, this should be something that is improved quickly once he gets off of that collegiate diet and sleep schedule. As we all know, NBA training, weight lifting, and diet plans transform the gym rats like Moses Moody.

With his strengths and weaknesses analyzed, would Moses Moody fit on the Indiana Pacers?