Indiana Pacers Prospects: Moses Moody, a defensive bulldog

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The Indiana Pacers could use Mood’s shooting, too

Shooting: Real upside, with a lot to already work with!

When watching Moses Moody play at Arkansas, it’s clear that any NBA team that selects him will have a lot to work with offensively and that is thanks to a budding three-point stroke.

Although he only shot 35.8% from three this year in college on about six attempts per game, his mechanics make me believe that he could someday be a 38% at least in the big leagues. His release and load up to his shot are a bit slow right now which has hurt him, but his catch and shoot shooting are very solid and it’s clear that these situations are how he contributes offensively.

He needs to develop his off-screen shooting and on the bounce pull-ups, and when contested he has a bad habit of kicking his right leg out which can throw off balance, but in a strong player development system like the Pacers, he could very well become a massive threat from three.

Playmaking: Knows what to do, just needs to iron it out

As I’ve already said previously, Moody is such an instinctual and predictionary player defensively, and that leaks into his playmaking. Although his handle may be underdeveloped to this point (I’ll get to that later) Moody makes the correct read most of the time.

In the half-court, Moody is a very valuable connecting passer, as he knows when to hit players in stride for a jumper or a big on a dive. Forget the assists to turnover ratio in college, Moody’s problems playmaking is far from a “feel” problem, he just needs to work on execution.

At times when rifling a pass inside his velocity or accuracy can be off just slightly, leading to turnovers. Playing with Malcolm Brogdon, Domantas Sabonis, and T.J. McConnell could do real wonders for this aspect of his offensive bag.

He should be awesome in transition with his athleticism and intelligence, and he could add the needed element athletically the Pacers need. He could reasonably average three or four assists someday.

With all of this said, what stops the Razorback’s Moses Moody from being a top-three prospect?