The Indiana Pacers waived guard Jalen Lecque after the deadline

In what may not be a massive move, the Indiana Pacers have waived guard Jalen Lecque. Lecque appeared in just four games for the Pacers this season and has just nine games under his belt in two years. This was the only move the Pacers made near the deadline, which could suggest they are hopeful for a buy-out candidate to sign with them.

Lecque, while his time in Indiana was minimal, served a big role for a lot of Pacers fans. He was an exciting young player with a lot of bounce that made G-League games entertaining and he was the piece that allowed the Pacers to move T.J. Leaf.

Indiana Pacers waive Jalen Lecque

Jalen Lecque was acquired over the offseason in exchange for Leaf, a notable bust for the Pacers in recent memory. While he never got the chance to prove himself in Indiana, Lecque was still part of a necessary trade to shed salary and move on from a mistake.

There aren’t many highlights or moments to take away from Jalen’s time in Indiana but he has the skill set to stick around as a bench guy around the league or play overseas if he wishes to pursue playing time. We never fully expected Lecque to be an impact player for the Pacers or really to even be part of the roster once the season tipped off.

At just 20 years old, there is still plenty of time for Lecque to develop and find a spot in an NBA rotation but Indiana’s backcourt situation made that difficult. Perhaps he can find a new home this season on a rebuilding team and earn himself a spot for the 2021-22 season.

Regardless, Lecque’s time in Indiana was short-lived but had its moments. The excitement of what his athleticism could bring to the table was always on the back burner and the reason for his acquisition certainly hit home for Pacers fans. The T.J. Leaf experiment had run its course and the Pacers took a flier on a young player with upside.