Q and A with Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner

I got to sit down with Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner to chat a little about an upcoming shoe contest with MTN DEW, renowned shoe artist Sierato, and Myles himself.

MTN DEW, Myles Turner, and renowned shoe artist Sierato are hosting “ Kick it on the court” which is looking for Indiana Pacers fans to come up with a custom shoe design for Myles Turner. One lucky winner will get their shoe design turned into reality and worn by Myles Turner in an upcoming home Pacers game.

Here’s how it works: 

Beginning today through April 7, DEW Nation and Pacers Nation can submit designs to DEWKickItOnTheCourt.com for a chance to design custom kicks with Myles Turner and Sierato.

Entries will be judged by how the designs showcase Indianapolis hometown pride, creativity, and originality by a judging panel that includes Myles Turner and Sierato.

The winning fan will collaborate on the final design with Turner and Sierato and receive a pair of signed custom sneakers that match the shoes Myles sports on the court.

Q and A with Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers

Brendan: Hey Myles! How are you doing today?

Myles: Can’t complain! How about yourself?

B: I’m doing good! Enjoying the sunshine out today!

M: It’s beautiful right?

B: Exactly! Absolutely gorgeous out today! So Myles, tell me a little about this shoe design contest that MTN DEW, renowned shoe artist Sierato, and yourself are hosting?

M: Yeah I’d love to man! So today, March 24th until April 7th I’m giving fans a chance to customize a shoe for me. A shoe that I will be wearing during games and gives me a way to interact with the fans in this post-COVID era. I’m very accustomed to being in the Indianapolis community and with MTN DEW hosting three to four events a year where fans could interact with me, but with the trying times this year, we had to get a little creative.

Fans can submit at DEWKickItOnTheCourt.com or use the hashtag #KickItOnTheCourt. I’ll be looking at them every day and I’m very excited to see what the fans come up with. Like you said I’ll be parting with renowned shoe artist Sierato and the winner will have a chance to sit down with him and me to discuss their elements and what went into it.

B: That’s awesome! Have you done anything like this before?

M: I haven’t actually, this will be a first for me. I’ve worn custom shoes in the past, but I’ve never really given the fans a chance to interact with me in a way like this. I’m looking forward to it!

B: I think this is a cool contest to do especially with the way you’re getting the fans involved. Do you personally own any shoes by Sierato?

M: I don’t. I’ve been a fan of his though, I’ve seen his work, and I’m excited to work with him.

B: So I have a few personal questions. Some are basketball-related and some are personal questions for yourself. You have been a defensive presence ever since you’ve entered the league, but this year it seems like you’ve taken it to a whole new level. What are some things you can attribute to your high level of play?

M: I think it’s a mentality thing man. I think I have shown what I can do as a shot-blocker, but there is so much more to my game than shot-blocking. Defense is about a number of things and that’s what I’m trying to display this year.

My ability to guard the perimeter, my ability to guard the pick and roll, and just to be an overall presence out there. I think it was a mentality change and then obviously the coaching change with our system.

B: Offensively, I’ve noticed there has been some more stuff that you’ve been doing like ball handling and dribble-drive moves. Is that something you’ve prioritized in the offseason to improve on or more of the new system that’s allowing you the freedom to that?

M: It’s a combination of both. I always work on all aspects of my game in the summertime, but I’ve been given the freedom to go out there and create for myself, create for others on the perimeter and take advantage of the opportunities that I have. I think guys are closing out on me knowing that I’m a good shooter and I have other aspects of my game I like to put on display.

B: You are currently the longest-tenured Pacer on the roster and you just broke Jermaine O’Neal’s [streak for] consecutive games with a block. What does that mean to you personally or legacy-wise?

M: Well you know personally, I think that it’s something cool. Anytime you can put your name in a record book it’s dope. For me personally, I expect to do that every night regardless of record books or what’s put out there in front of me. I look to go out there and be a presence night in and night out and have my presence felt especially in the paint.

B: Last basketball question for you. One thing I’ve noticed that you’ve been doing in the offseasons is strengthening yoga. How did you get into that?

M: I think three to four years ago I first started getting into yoga. It’s just a mobility thing, working on my body, and being 6-foot-11’ to 7 feet tall it’s really easy to be a bit stiff, especially over time with lifting weights. Working on my mobility and focusing on what makes me mobile, agile, who I am and that was my biggest focus.

B: So what kind of music do you have in your rotation right now?

M: You know it’s funny, Brendan. I actually listen to a little bit of everything. I love classic rock. It’s something I’ve been into for a long time. I think my mom is the one who really got me into that. My mom is originally born in Fort Wayne, but she grew up in Texas so she really got me into classic rock and country.

My dad is from Queens, New York, and Hip-Hop is obviously huge there so he is the one who got me into Hip-hop, and my sister listens to Alternative and Pop music and got me into that. I’m really a jack of all trades and I love and appreciate good music and I’m really close with my family. I actually just got a new tattoo. It’s a little rock-on tattoo.

B: I actually saw a picture with you and noticed the tattoo the other day and I have to say I really like it. What are your favorite food spots in Indy?

M: So I actually have a chef that I use, well she has been here for the past three to four years, but prior to her being here I loved going to Bazbeaux Pizza that was one of my favorite places, Milktooth is actually right down the street, its a little hipster spot and puts a nice spin on things.

The burger spot Kuma’s Corner is really good and it’s a spot that I like. It has that rock and roll, heavy metal kind of feel in there as well. Breakfast spots that I love are Yolk and Cafe Patachou, but I mean I could go on and on, but having my chef here keeps me grounded and keeps me disciplined.

B: Gotta have a cheat day every now and then right? So what kind of hobbies do you have?

M: I’m a nerd bro. That’s the best way to describe it. You see my man Stan Lee in the background. (points to a beautiful canvas painting of Stan Lee)

B: You’re a huge Spider-Man fan right?

M: Huge Spider-Man fan. I’m also really big into building blocks and I like to put together a lot of puzzles. I also have a collection of NERF guns. I have a little collection of everything man. I just like to keep my mind occupied.

B: For my final question, I’ve seen some stuff in the past that you might potentially work with Jermaine O’Neal in the offseason. Have you done that at all or talked to him at all?

M: I’ve talked to him definitely. He lives in the Dallas area and that’s where I’m from and I stay in the summertime sometimes. I’m not necessarily sure about a workout per se but that’s someone I can get advice from.

One thing I will say on my end Brendan is congratulations. I’ve seen that you’ve been battling cancer and have come out victorious so a big shout out to you, that’s really dope.

B: Thank you, man! I really appreciate that! Myles, it was an absolute pleasure interviewing you and it was a dream come true. Before I go I just wanted to end with some positive affirmation. You’re going to win Defensive Player of the Year this year alright! I’m putting it out there.

M: We’ll manifest it, bro! I appreciate that!

B: Alrighty Myles you take care!

M: You too man, take it easy!

Remember to check out DEWKickItOnTheCourt.com or use the hashtag #KickItOnTheCourt to submit your shoe designs to Myles and Sierato. Maybe your design could come to life and be showcased on the court!