Indiana Pacers: Trades that could improve their wing defense

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Indiana Pacers – Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With so many one-way wings on the roster, the Indiana Pacers have a glaring issue in the form of guarding elite wings.

The Indiana Pacers have one of the best problems to have from an asset perspective: too many bucket-getters on the wing. With net-tearers like the smooth three-level scoring T.J Warren, pull-up shooting assassin Caris LeVert, Dougie McBuckets, Justin Holiday, the newly healthy Jeremy Lamb, and of course the likely All-Star Malcolm Brogdon all flanking the All-NBA offensive engine that is Domantas Sabonis, it’s feasible to say the Pacers have the firepower to shoot with anyone.

The obvious problem though is that all of the aforementioned players, with the exception of Brogdon, aren’t always exactly positives on the defensive end. This really shows just how valuable Myles Turner is, as the team’s unlikely 110 Defensive Rating (14th in the league), is in my opinion much higher than I’d expect. Without Turner and his Defensive Player of the Year impact, it’s hard to see the Pacers cracking the top 20 with the remaining construction of this roster.

We can’t keep putting the state of one side of the floor on one player’s shoulders like this team has done to Turner this season, as he’s already logging 32 minutes a game as a young big.

Here are some trade ideas to provide Turner with some help on the defensive end of the floor prior to this season’s deadline.

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