Breaking down draft scenarios for the Indiana Pacers

What could the Indiana Pacers do on draft night?

The 2020 NBA Draft is finally here and the Indiana Pacers are set to make just one selection. As of right now, the Pacers have not made any moves this offseason and will hold the 54th overall pick in the draft. What are their options on draft night?

For starters, Indiana could do the easy thing and stay with just one pick and use it on a player of their liking. While there is no reason to expect a second-round pick to be an immediate contributor, Indiana could take a player with some upside and stash him on a two-way contract this season. They could also draft an older prospect, such as Markus Howard or Sam Merrill, who could contribute at some level right away, especially on the offensive end.

It would also not be all too surprising to see Indiana trade out of their only draft pick and take a future pick or cash considerations. A team in the middle of a rebuild may offer cash to help Indiana’s cap space while taking on a young player on their own to see if he can be a contributor as they shape the future.

A less likely scenario, of course, is a trade into the first round of the draft. Indiana gave up their first-round selection this year in the sign-and-trade for Malcolm Brogdon last season. In a relatively weaker draft class, the Pacers certainly should be happy to consider Malcolm Brogdon as a replacement for their initial selection.

Unless another sign-and-trade is completed and focused on a player like Gordon Hayward or Victor Oladipo, I do not see the Pacers climbing into the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft. While rumors have run rampant of Hayward and his potential future in Indiana, nothing has seemed imminent up to this point.

Draft night should be full of surprises but the Indiana Pacers may be left out of all of the excitement this season.