Indiana Pacers: What is the next step for Myles Turner?

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Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

The 24-year-old center had his best postseason to date. What is the next step for the Indiana Pacers’ big man to reach his full potential?

Myles Turner is one of my favorite players on the Indiana Pacers. He was who I wanted the Pacers to take back in the 2015 NBA Draft. With how the league was trending, Myles was the prototypical 5 man for the future due to his shot-blocking prowess and shooting range. Fast forward to today and Myles has already improved quite a bit. He has already won a blocking title, improved his 3 point shot, and transformed his body adding mobility to his game.

Has Myles reached the All-Star level that many of us thought he would develop into? Not yet. With the emergence of Domantas Sabonis and Nate McMillan trying to figure out how to play them both at the same time, Turner had to take a backseat offensively this season. With Sabonis out in the playoffs, Myles had to showcase more of what he could do offensively all while being the dominant shot-blocker he is.

Do I think Myles could potentially turn himself into an All-Star? Absolutely! I think that a lot of people forget that he is only 24 years old. Turner does do a lot of things right but also has areas where he needs to improve on.

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