Indiana Pacers’ Best and Worst-Case 2020 NBA Playoffs Scenarios

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Indiana Pacers NBA Playoffs

Indiana Pacers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

If the NBA Playoffs happen, the Indiana Pacers face several scenarios

Several rumors and reports have surfaced regarding the resumption of the 2020 NBA season for the Indiana Pacers and the other 29 teams. Most recently, it has been reported that Walt Disney World is the front-runner for a campus environment conclusion to the NBA season.

Team facilities have begun to re-open from around the country. While this is not any guarantee that the 2019-20 season will resume at all, it does provide NBA fans with some form of excitement at the possibility of NBA games in the near future, including the NBA Playoffs.

A lot has changed since the last NBA games were played. Some players have gotten healthy while others opted for early surgery. Some players have practiced at home while others struggled to access proper facilities and equipment.

How have those changes affected the Pacers?

Victor Oladipo and Malcolm Brogdon are rumored to now be at 100-percent. T.J. Warren is spending time with David West.

Shawn Windle, the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach is keeping the players on top of workouts as much as possible.

Every Pacer is likely doing what they can to be productive and stay “game-ready” in this unprecedented time.

If the NBA season does resume, there are an endless number of scenarios the Pacers may face.

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