Indiana Pacers: 5 partners for a Myles Turner trade

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The Indiana Pacers would be wise to hear out offers on Myles Turner. If they decide to make a trade, here are some potential partners.

The likelihood that the Indiana Pacers make a trade during the offseason is unknown, but one might assume that the odds are pretty low.

Given the extremely unstable nature of the NBA at-large right now and the fact that the Pacers didn’t get a full season to evaluate the Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis pairing, there are all sorts of reasons to hold off on calling it quits with Turner right now, who figures to be the odd man out if the Pacers want to make a move.

Turner was the primary name rumored to be possibly on the move at the trade deadline. The Pacers, as is normal for them, opted to not make an adjustment mid season, instead leaning on roster continuity and cohesion as the second half of the season came around the corner.

I believe that was smart, given that Turner offers extremely high-level rim protection and spacing for Sabonis to do his thing.

That doesn’t mean that the Pacers shouldn’t look for potential opportunities to make a deal, though, and if they do, these teams might be good candidates to enter discussions with.

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