Indiana Pacers: 5 players that prove the value in second-round NBA Draft picks

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The Indiana Pacers, thanks to their crafty decision to sign-and-trade for Malcolm Brogdon this past summer, do not have a first-round pick in the NBA Draft this year. This season, it might be a good year to not have any motivations in the first round with limitations on being able to work out prospects.

While the Pacers have developmental projects available already to them in Goga Bitadze and Brian Bowen II, they do have the opportunity to make impact selections in the second round.

Second rounders are hit and miss. Many second-rounders fizzle out of the NBA quickly, but sometimes there can be tremendous value found in picks 31-60. Since contract requirements aren’t quite as steep for second-round picks as they are for first-round picks, they can be good value to teams (especially with the salary cap in question due to COVID-19) and provide incentive and motivation for players to work hard and prove their spot in the league.

Many teams opt to trade second-rounders to teams that are more intently focused on development and rebuilding. It’s possible Indiana goes that route.

Today in the NBA, there are many players proving the value in holding onto second-round picks and making selections with them. They can provide a team with a regularly growing cast of players ready to step up and grab more minutes. If used correctly, a solid background of second-round picks can help a team remain talented for longer, even after veterans retire or sign elsewhere in free agency.

Let’s look at some players proving the value that exists in the second round.

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