Indiana Pacers: 2 Players that need to step up after All-Star break

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Indiana Pacers

Malcolm Brogdon & Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Indiana Pacers have a chance to reflect and pull things together with the NBA All-Star break underway. There are two players who need to step up once the team is back in action.

The Indiana Pacers are in the midst of a much-needed break with All-Star weekend officially underway. Unfortunately, the Pacers entered the break on a lackadaisical note having lost six of the last seven games. As a result, the Pacers were exposed on various levels leaving many questions and expectations concerning the remainder of the season.

Many have pointed out that coaching decisions have led to the team’s lapse of success over the past two weeks. However, there is a level of responsibility that falls on the players.

The Pacers have a talented roster. Many of the pieces have already proven themselves in Indiana or with other organizations. Therefore, there is an expectation for the team to go about its business as professionals. There has been a slew of changes but things every franchise experiences.

The Pacers’ rotations have continued to vary but that shouldn’t excuse the team from underperforming, especially in crunch time.

The lack of cohesion has been a call for concern especially as the schedule continues to heat up and the race within the Eastern Conference narrows.

The poor performances were a team effort; however, it has become evident that are several players who need to step up after the All-Star break to prevent another catastrophic collapse by the Pacers.

To understand how and why the Pacers have reached this point, it is important to analyze players who play a significant role but can do more to give the Pacers an edge over opponents as the season moves forward.

Here are two players that need to step up after the All-Star break:

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