Indiana Pacers: Myles Turner’s role and his importance

The NBA trade deadline is quickly approaching for the Indiana Pacers and Myles Turner has been a topic of discussion. This has left fans wondering whether the Pacers will move the center before Thursday’s deadline.

At the beginning of the season, Myles Turner and the Indiana Pacers didn’t start the season as expected.

The Pacers started the season on a three-game losing streak. That first portion of the season was riddled by injuries that impacted the team’s chemistry.

While playing more than 50% of their games without Victor Oladipo so far this season, the Pacers have had to rely on Domantas Sabonis, Malcolm Brogdon, T.J. Warren, and Turner.

Indiana was 30-17 before Oladipo returned to the court. That shows the Pacers are deep and can contend with the NBA’s best without their best player.

With that being said, the Indiana Pacers should stay out of trade talks with other teams during this period. Especially regarding the team’s starting center.

Many fans are upset with Turner’s performance this season and want him traded. However, the move doesn’t make sense as the team is adjusting to new rotations with new pieces to the puzzle.

Turner is having the lowest usage percentage of his career and the Pacers are still winning games. The center has put the team before himself and has had to adjust his game to others around him to give the team success.

If the Pacers make a trade, the team should move Leaf. Read this article to see what they can get in return.

Why not move to Turner

Indiana has one of the best and youngest frontcourts in the NBA with Sabonis and Turner.

Just this season, in the 40 games that Turner has played, he has scored in double-digits on 25 occasions.

For the critics of Turner, that’s solid for a center who also gets things done defensively.

In those games, he has scored more than 20 points four times. These stats show that he can add to the team’s offense. However, that is not the reason the Pacers need him.

Turner has been a fantastic shot-blocker since the beginning of his career.

Last season, he finished as a top shot-blocker in the NBA. Turner’s value to the team isn’t his offense, but his defense.

He can spread the floor on the offensive side of the court, but if he is having a bad game that given night, it shows. However, that happens to every player.

Another reason not to move Turner is disrupting the team chemistry on and off the court. With Oladipo’s return, there has been some confusion already.

By making a move and receiving another big-man or rotation player, it would change the chemistry even more. It’s simply not worth it at this point in the season unless the return is substantial.

Overall, it is not worth trading Turner this season as things continue to take shape. However, the Pacers could trade him later for picks or a young player if things turn sour in this second half of the season. Pacers fans stay tuned, things are just getting started.