Indiana Pacers: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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30. Chris Mullin

Starting things off, we have Chris Mullin, the man known for his flat-top hairstyle along with his ability to light up a scoreboard.

Mullin is an NBA Hall of Famer and would surely be much higher on this list if he had spent the majority of his playing time with the Indiana Pacers, but sadly for Hoosiers everywhere, this wasn’t the case.

Instead, Mullin spent most of his career with a different blue and gold team, the Golden State Warriors. Here, he was selected to a total of 5 All-Star teams in the Western Conference and put up 25 or more points per game in each of these 5 stellar seasons.

The Pacers acquired Mullin near the end of his career and had him for three of his final four seasons from ages 34 to 36. Despite his rising age, he still managed to be an important contributor to three excellent Indiana Pacers squads.

While with the Pacers, Mullin played a part in three straight Eastern Conference Finals appearances, culminating with an NBA Finals matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1999-2000. Even though the series didn’t go Indy’s way, it still capped off a very favorable three years of Mullin and the Pacers.