Indiana Pacers: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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14. David West

David West is synonymous with the Indiana Pacers teams of the early 2010s. It’s impossible to overstate how important he was to those teams that squared up with LeBron James and the Cavaliers year after year in the postseason. West was the backbone of the entire operation, and his hard-nosed, veteran leadership was often times what kept his teams together.

Though he only played 4 seasons with the blue and gold, David West is a Pacer through and through. His intensity and tenacity on defense were trademarks of his time on the court, and helped elevate Roy Hibbert’s game to new heights as well since he was such a reliable defender in his own rights.

Offensively, West was never the focal point, but seemed to be almost automatic from the top of the key whenever you needed a nearly guaranteed two points. He started every game he played for the Pacers, highlighting how good he really was. These were some amazing Pacers teams, so it was no small feat to hold down a starting spot in that rotation as long as he did.

Unfortunately, the Pacers were never able to advance beyond LeBron in the playoffs. As West aged, his desire for a championship grew with him. He ultimately decided to jump ship to chase championships elsewhere for less money. It paid off, as he finally was able to retire with 2 titles under his belt. But his time with Indiana will always be fondly looked back on.