Indiana Pacers: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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18. Jeff Foster

Jeffrey “Feisty” Foster spent all 13 years of his NBA career with his beloved Indiana Pacers. The Texas native had no ties to Indy prior to when he was traded on draft night to the Pacers via the Golden State Warriors, but Foster ultimately found a new, stable home once he arrived in the Circle City.

You can glance through his career stats and not see too much of anything that really jumps out. He had some solid seasons as a rebounder. Despite his near 7 foot frame, he could pass the ball well too. But besides things like that, an outsider might not totally understand what made Jeff Foster so important to this franchise for 13 whole years.

Truth be told, it was the totally cliche Pacers Basketball-type characteristics that made Foster an Indy legend. It was the grit, the hustle, the effort, and every other adjective you hear lobbed at players that people can’t quite put a finger on, but know they’re useful to their respective teams.

Jeff Foster has reached meme-levels of love and admiration in the Pacers universe, and his long tenure with the team and loyalty to his teammates and organization are partially why.

Everyone loves Jeff Foster.