Indiana Pacers: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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22. Antonio Davis

If you watched a lot of Pacers basketball in the 90s, you’re likely a big fan of The Davis Boys, Antonio and Dale. Despite what the casual fan often thought, no, these two were not brothers. Still, the duo was beloved and was very important to the team’s success in the mid to late 90s.

While Dale clearly went down as the more prolific of the two players, that doesn’t change the fact that Antonio had a great career with the blue and gold in his own right. A beast of a player down low, Antonio Davis could bully his defender in the post to create trouble near the hoop and at the rim.

In general, Antonio Davis was an aggressive player than embodied the Pacers’ smashmouth style of basketball in the 90s. He spent the first 6 seasons of his career in Indiana before moving onto the Toronto Raptors where he was able to blossom even further on his way to an eventual all-star nod. Despite seeing more individual success later on in his career, he’s still a Pacers Great and will always be linked to his first team and his “brother” Dale.