4 situational lineups for Nate McMillan to consider for the Indiana Pacers

The NBA season has arrived and the Indiana Pacers have the depth to have great lineups at any point throughout a game. Here are some that you could see this season.

Who Do the Pacers Have?

The NBA season is right around the corner, and the Indiana Pacers are a team that has depth at every position. Their depth chart looks like this:

Note: All of these line-ups are not who would start, just an in-game line-up.

Starting Line-up to Start the Season

Despite the possibilities of what could have happened with Sabonis, he will still be in the starting lineup. Head coach Nate McMillan said the starting lineup to start the season will be:

  • PG: Brogdon
  • SG: Lamb
  • SF: Warren
  • PF: Sabonis
  • C: Turner

After Oladipo returns from his injured quadriceps, it is likely that he will not return to the starting lineup right away.

A Big and Small Line-up

The Pacers are a team that has talent at many different heights. The shortest player on the roster is A. Holiday (6’1″) and the tallest being a tie between Goga, Myles, and Sabonis (6’11”).

Considering the Pacers only have two players under 6’4″, this is a bigger lineup compared to other teams. If Coach McMillan wants to have a big lineup, this is what I envision:

  • PG: Brogdon
  • SG: J. Holiday
  • SF: Warren
  • PF: Sabonis
  • C: Turner

This is a good lineup to use when they need to play bully ball and attack the basket. Each of these players is capable of driving to the lane and getting a lay-up or creating shots for others on the court.

This would also be a good lineup to use against the Philadelphia 76’ers because of the height they have on their team.

However, if the Pacers want to play small ball against a team like the Golden State Warriors, they could have a lineup like this:

  • PG: A.Holiday
  • SG: Brogdon
  • SF: Oladipo
  • PF: Warren
  • C: Turner

A Lights Out Line-up

The Pacers have some great shooters on their team despite their size. When playing against a great shooting team, like the Warriors, they would need to score at the same pace to beat a team like them. If they would ever need to get points quickly, an on-court lineup could look like:

  • PG: Oladipo
  • SG: Lamb
  • SF: McDermott
  • PF: Warren
  • C: Turner (shooting) / Sabonis (in the paint)

Quick Running

The Pacers were one of the better teams in the league when it came to fast-break points. According to NBA.com, the Pacers ranked 11th in the league last season.

They should move higher up the list this season after signing faster players to the roster. If they ever wanted to go with a speed lineup, they could go with something that looks like:

  • PG: A. Holiday
  • SG: V. Oladipo
  • SF: J. Holiday or McDermott
  • PF: Leaf
  • C: Turner or Sabonis


The Indiana Pacers are equipped with any kind of line-up that they want to utilize. They have size, shooting, and quickness in different ways. The Pacers can be lethal to opposing team defenses, but it all depends on how McMillan sets the tone.