3 reasons to believe in the Indiana Pacers this season

Indiana Pacers (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)
Indiana Pacers (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The 2019-2020 Indiana Pacers took the floor for the first time in India against the Sacramento Kings. During the two contests, the team displayed reasons to believe that this season will be a success.  

Another NBA season is quickly approaching. In an offseason that included drastic change throughout the league, the landscape of the NBA has quickly changed. With name-brand stars finding new homes across both conferences, an opportunity for the Pacers to have success can be seized.

This season’s Pacers roster has changed as well. However, with an emphasis to develop a formidable team that can withstand an arduous season, the Pacers have reasons to believe that the 2019-2020 campaign will be successful.

Offseason additions Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Holiday, Jeremy Lamb, T.J. McConnell, and T.J. Warren usher in a new style of play and leadership for the Pacers. The new faces coupled with an established returning core of players offer three reasons to believe in the Pacers this season.


In reviewing the team’s two preseason games in India against the Sacramento Kings, it has been easy to recognize that this season’s team operates with more of an emphasis on pace and ball movement. Projected starting guards Brogdon and Warren reshape the Pacers’ approach by giving the team a spark of athleticism that correlates to success on both sides of the floor. Not only does the heightened pace translate to more scoring opportunities, but defensively allows the Pacers to matchup with any opponent on a given night. In an Eastern Conference that has been reshaped and is open for the taking, the Pacers will look to establish their identity quickly as they look to exceed expectations, a part of that will be through their athleticism.


Over the past few seasons, it has been easy to underappreciate the Pacers’ front office. With the Pacers having a great deal of success despite a top-heavy Eastern Conference, it is important to recognize how that has come to be. A large part of that success is due to the depth the front office has established. With many teams across the league being built on star power, the Pacers have taken a different approach by developing a roster that can withstand the turbulent nature of an NBA season. With players such as Lamb and McConnell coming off the bench, Coach McMillan and the rest of his staff expect no drop-off in quality of play, no matter what pieces to the puzzle are on the floor at a given time. It should be encouraging for Pacers fans to know that several players who will come off the bench could start for several teams across the league.


Not only is this 2019-2020 team built of great basketball players, but great men as well. Over the past few seasons, Pacers fans have been able to witness the maturation process of players such as Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner, both have evolved into leaders on and off the floor.

Despite not being available for the beginning of the season, Victor Oladipo will also add a layer of leadership to the team. Brogdon, who will most likely assume the point guard role until Oladipo’s return adds a new wrinkle to the team through a leadership perspective.

Since his days at the University of Virginia, Brogdon has been regarded as a man of great character who carries himself as a professional at all times. The Pacers this season average age is 25-years-old, therefore it will be important for leadership to be implemented as soon as the season tips-off against the Detroit Pistons on October 23rd. With the team as it is constructed now, establishing that leadership should come naturally. Despite their youth, this season’s Pacers team has a wealth of NBA experience, that should translate to a successful 2019-2020 campaign.

The 2019-2020 Pacers have a season to look forward to. With no clear frontrunner in the conference, the team will look to assert its dominance as it chases another playoff appearance. Thanks to a front office that has brought in men who exert leadership, athleticism, and humility, the new season is an exciting time for Pacers fans across the world.