Ranking 2019-2020 Indiana Pacers player name anagrams

The NBA off-season can drag between the big free agent signings and the start of training camp. To kill some time, let’s rank some Indiana Pacers player name anagrams.

According to Google, an anagram is “a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, formed from iceman.” Last off-season, we ranked every Indiana Pacers player by the hilarity of the best anagram we could come up with for them, from least to most funny. For example, Bojan Bogdanovic came in at #9 with the anagram “Banjo Doing Vocab.” Not laughing yet? Stay tuned.

Now, as we sit in the lull between the major free agent signings and the start of training camp, it’s time to get weird again. Below, you will find 16 more Indiana Pacers player name anagrams. Are these ones funnier than last year’s? You be the judge.

16. Timothy John McConnell Jr. = John, Mitt, Norm Conch Jelly

We had to use T.J. McConnell‘s full name to get something to work here. John, Mitt, Norm Conch Jelly is an upstart company started by three uppity rich kids in New England that sells artisan jellies stored inside various seashells.

15. Jeremy Lamb = My Rebel Jam

Keeping with the fruit preservative theme, My Rebel Jam is John, Mitt, Norm Conch Jelly’s direct competitor. Instead of storing the jam inside a shell, they just dump their entire stock into the ocean as a sign of protest, drawing influence from the Boston Tea Party. Is it profitable? No. But is it a powerful statement that rallies the masses to support an important cause? Again, no.

14. Alize Johnson = Loan Size John

Your friend John, who is as big as a loan. Used to be the size of a home owner’s loan, then got really into Keto and is now the size of a used Toyota Corolla loan.

13. Goga Bitadze = Big Toad Gaze

A side effect of taking too many mushrooms, Big Toad Gaze can be observed at many a summer music festival as tweaked out millenials stare endlessly at the ground searching for amphibians. Or something. I dunno, these early ones are never great, sit tight.

12. Anthony Warren Jr. = Nanny Jar Thrower

We used T.J. Warren‘s full name to come up with Nanny Jar Thrower, which was my nickname growing up when I’d get bored at the babysitter’s and would just start chucking her glassware all over the house.

11. Brian Bowen = Brownie Ban

A world I refuse to live in.

10. Myles Turner = Nursery Melt

Hip, new grilled cheese sandwich, featuring your choice of baby food flavors to dip it into.

9. Domantas Sabonis = “Adios, Batman’s Son!”

What Batman yells to his kid as he peels off in the Batmobile to go thwart another one of the Joker’s schemes.

8. Amida Brimah = “Hi, Rabid Mama!”

When you greet your mother who also happens to have rabies.

7. Justin Holiday = “Hail! Nudist Joy!”

What that really creepy old guy at the gym always yells when he walks into the locker room.

6. Ty Jacob Leaf = Fat Joy Cable

Also known as a churro.

5. Victor Oladipo = Pro Vocal Idiot

Literally the opposite of Oladipo, who’s actually an amazing singer.

4. Doug McDermott = Mr. Mutt: Dog Code

Beloved 90s film about a stray dog who creates the set of rules that all canines must abide by. Rule #1 is bark EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SEE ANOTHER DOG OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE EVEN IF YOUR OWNER GETS SUPER ANNOYED BY IT.

3. Aaron Holiday = Anal Hairdo, Yo

Wow, these are getting out of hand.

2. Edmond Sumner = Nerd Mom Nudes

Are you in Incognito Mode?

1. Malcolm Brogdon = Mr. Global Condom

Please, PLEASE get this one to stick this season. This is amazing.

So there you have it! The 2019-2020 Indiana Pacers player name anagrams. You can compare to last year’s anagrams here. We got this idea from BulletsForever.com, and their anagrams for last season’s Washington Wizards team can be found here. Pelican Debrief, FanSided’s New Orleans Pelicans blog also has a list here. Any good anagrams we missed? Hit me up on Twitter at @KriegerSports.