Grades: The Indiana Pacers season is over

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The Boston Celtics have officially swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

The Indiana Pacers season is over. They finally had a game without a terrible offensive quarter, but this time their defense couldn’t get it done and they dropped Game 4 at home.

100. Final. 110. 18. 106

There is no way to put this in a rosy way. A sweep is terrible. Obviously, the team was less talented than Boston and was going to lose the series. But a sweep is awful. It looks like 5 or 6 out of the 8 lower seeded teams are going to get at least one win. For the Pacers to not get one is tough.

In this game, in particular, the Pacers finally got their offense going at least somewhat, dropping in 106 points against a terrific Boston defense. They hit their outside shots and got to the free throw line well, and the free throws were falling in this one.

But the defense struggled. Mightly. The Cs were getting copious open looks from the outside and they too were getting to the free throw line with ease. Their bench specifically was terrific, hitting 18 out of 26 shots. They were in great form.

And that’s a wrap. The Pacers finally put together the offensive performance we were all looking for and couldn’t maintain the defense. Now, the season is over.

Nobody stepped up.

Most of the dudes who suited up for the Pacers today played a pretty “meh” game. Nobody played bad, necessarily, but nobody rose to the occasion and had a performance good enough to keep the team’s season going.

Changing the rotation.

The Pacers had their backs against the wall, and they made an adjustment that showed it. They completely cut Doug McDermott from the rotation.

It was the first game of the postseason that McD didn’t play in. Instead, the Pacers ran out some three-guard lineups that were moderately more effective. Those minutes, combined with the “Sabonis at the 4″ minutes”, were enough rotation alterations to give Thaddeus Young and Bojan Bogdanovic enough rest.

It didn’t quite work, but it did improve things.

Tough decisions ahead.

That’s the season, folks. All that stands between the Pacers and the offseason is exit interviews.

There are some tough decisions to be made. Team options are on the horizon. Multiple players are becoming free agents. The trade market is about to open up. The draft is happening.

We will cover it all here. It will happen sooner than you think.

Player grades:

DC’s best playoff game. He only shot 5/13, but his aggression and heightened speed got him 6 free throws, which kept him efficient and got him 19 points. The team was a +10 with him on the floor, the best of any Pacer.. PG. Indiana Pacers. DARREN COLLISON. C

D. 1/7 from the field was not a good way to cap off a nightmare series shooting the ball for Matthews.. SG. Indiana Pacers. WESLEY MATTHEWS

B. Like Collison, Bojan was dominant getting to the line, where he was able to get up 10 free throws. He finished with 22 points (on 14 shots) and 8 rebounds. He played a solid game.. SF. Indiana Pacers. BOJAN BOGDANOVIC

B. 9 points, 9 rebounds, and good defense from Thad. The most Thad Young final game possible.. PF. Indiana Pacers. THADDEUS YOUNG

B -. 13 points and 7 rebounds. Again, the same stat line as Game 3. His playoff offense isn’t great, but his D was solid as usual.. C. Indiana Pacers. MYLES TURNER

Sabonis FINALLY got it working on offense tonight with 6/9 shooting and 8 rebounds. He fouled out, though, as his defense struggled.. C. Indiana Pacers. DOMANTAS SABONIS. B

Indiana Pacers. CORY JOSEPH. C -. CoJo played fewer minutes thanks Collison/Evans playing better and Aaron Holiday getting a few first-half minutes again. He was just kinda there. 5 points on 5 shots to go with his energy. But not enough.. PG

SG. Indiana Pacers. TYREKE EVANS. C +. 21 points on 18 shots. Tons of missed layups. Reke was one of the Pacers best offensive players this series, but he missed a few too many times tonight.

Indiana Pacers. AARON HOLIDAY. D. Only 6 minutes for Holiday. He missed a shot, coughed it up once, and had 3 fouls in that time. Not a shining half-dozen minutes.. PG

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The Pacers play next… in July. In Vegas summer league. Don’t cry cause it’s over, smile because it happened. Signing off.